Return And Refund Policy

Welcome to Salty Notion, we are a clothing brand that draws inspiration from the beauty and power of the ocean, it's natural balance and flow and everything that come with. Our philosophy centers on the idea that fashion should not only look good, but also tell a story and make a statement.
We believe that clothing is a powerful form of self-expression, an extension of who you are, a reflection of your values and love.
We are committed to reducing waste and promoting sustainability by only producing t-shirts on demand and using digital printing technology that is more energy-efficient. We use sustainable and eco-friendly materials, such as organic cotton, to create our products. Our designs are not just beautiful, but meaningful, and our mission is to create fashion that makes a positive impact on the planet. Join us in our mission and feel good about your fashion choices with Salty Notion.



At the moment we only get payments through paypal, your peace of mind is our top priority and from a small research we did everybody felt that paypal is the most comfortable and secure way.



Shipping times: 

For Domestic orders(Inside the U.S)- almost all orders are shipped within 2-7 business days from the order submission date.
For International orders (Rest of the World)- orders are shipped between 2 days to 4 weeks from the order submission date.
We are sorry for the longtime of international orders.
Typically, the international shipping process is made up of the following components:
Transportation – Transportation starts when your product leaves the country of origin.
Haulage (Export) – The product is shifted from its initial destination to the next port, facility, or warehouse from where it will depart to the border.
Customs Clearance (Export) – Once the product arrives at the exporting country’s border, it is subject to the process of clearance before the next step.
Customs Clearance (Import) – The freight goes through another process of clearance, this time in the importing country
Haulage (Import) – After clearing the importing country’s customs process, the product is moved from its border to its intended final destination.
We don’t have the option to effect this process to be faster, we can only say that the wait is worth the product.


You’re free to cancel an order anytime before items have been created. If a cancelation is requested after an item has been made, money and time have already been invested. At this point, it’s unlikely that a cancelation is possible.



We’re happy to offer a refund if there is any damage to an order. This can be things like manufacturing errors, items arriving with holes, or the order arriving with clear, demonstrable damage. To do so, please reach out with photo evidence of the item’s improper condition. Make sure to reach out to us within 25 days (for domestic orders) or 40 days (for international orders) of the damaged product delivery. There is no need to send the product back.



We do not require customers to return any items. Photo evidence will be sufficient for any discussion.



After an item is shipped, things have moved beyond our control. Shipping (particularly for international orders) is affected by many outside influences, especially COVID-19. If you’d like an update on your order, please contact the shipping company with your order number or use a tracking number or link.


In case you change your mind:

If an order arrives with manufacturing errors, in the wrong size, or has other obvious errors, we’ll happily work with you to find a solution. However, if a customer simply changes their minds regarding a sale, it’s unlikely that a refund, exchange, or other special treatment will be offered.